Engaging Future Talent at ICA’s Student Summer Insider Camp

We're proud to be part of the 2020 event.

Published by J.P. Holecka on 08.06.2020

Do you remember what it took to land your first job after graduation? If your experience was similar to the majority of students, you’d recall how challenging it was to get your foot in the door without years of experience or a network to tap into. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)’s Student Summer Insider Camp.

What is the Summer Camp?

The Student Summer Insider Camp is a virtual event that offers new graduates a peek into what an agency does, how they work, and what a career in one might look like. Students connect with industry professionals who provide interactive sessions on a variety of topics, both general and subject-specific, to get them excited about joining an agency.

On August 12, 2020, Priscilla Ho, Lead User Experience Designer at POWERSHiFTER, will introduce students to service design and talk about the four different UX mapping frameworks that a service designer uses. Knowing when and why to use Service Blueprints instead of Experience Maps, Customer Journey Maps, or Empathy Maps will equip incoming designers with the tools to communicate effectively with stakeholders. “This session is a great transition for those from traditional agencies looking to move into service and product design studios,” said Priscilla.

Supporting students and giving back

With myriad talent entering the workforce and no outlet for traditional networking opportunities, we are thrilled the ICA is putting on this innovative event to support students in the next step of their journey. We are excited to connect with summer camp attendees and provide a glimpse into an industry we are so passionate about.

You can help spread the word to new graduates by sharing this article or the ICA’s Student Summer Insider Camp page, and signing up for Priscilla’s session “Creating innovative digital experiences.” All presentations are free for students and entry-level agency designers.

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About the ICA

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