Revitalizing a brand through data analysis

Project -

Our solution

Applying Lean Start Up principles, POWERSHiFTER created a minimum viable product (MVP) alpha site to test with a small customer segment. We then designed a beta version, inviting existing users to opt in.

During the alpha stage we tested two distinct site designs, soliciting customer feedback through surveys and applying qualitative and quantitative data analysis to determine the optimal design and user experience. We also updated site content and created TELUS Pulse, a social media funnel for increasing TELUS Blog viewership. Finally, we built employing responsive web design (RWD) to align with the new, and enabled one click access to products and services available for purchase.


Expertise provided -

  • Digital planning and strategy
  • Project management
  • Content Strategy
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Measurement strategy
  • Digital Intelligence
  • A/B Testing and Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Backend development - PhP, Java
  • Front end development


Post launch of the new, 12% of the traffic now engages in conversion-related behaviour. This is a significant performance metric when compared to commonly cited conversion data of between 2-5%.