Selling the Internet of Things

Case study -

The opportunity

The enterprise market of building things, is turning into a market of buying things.

Providing integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Canada’s SME and Enterprise market represents a huge, largely untapped, opportunity for Canadian Telcos.
TELUS recognized this opportunity — to be the first to market in Canada with solutions that go beyond simply providing IoT data services. Enabling clients to purchase IoT solutions directly from TELUS and have the charges seamlessly added to their monthly bill would increase revenue and TELUS’s ‘share of wallet’ with its current SME and Enterprise clients looking for innovative solutions to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

The brief -

TELUS wanted to create an IoT Marketplace platform; a web site where leading IoT solutions could be presented to SME and Enterprise clients, curated and co-managed by TELUS and TELUS Partners offering IoT solutions.

TELUS engaged POWERSHiFTER to build a IoT marketplace platform robust enough to ensure that TELUS secured a leadership position in this fledgling and potentially highly profitable M2M sector.

Key challenges -

By launching Canada’s first platform for IoT solutions, TELUS risked duplication of effort between the TELUS Sales Team and the TELUS Partners. There were also no existing IoT Marketplace examples to draw upon. A major challenge was integrating IoT solutions into the existing TELUS billing framework, and allowing TELUS Partners to manage billing and client refunds right from the IoT platform. Incorporating the TELUS look and feel was also crucial to ensure a seamless experience for existing TELUS SME and Enterprise customers.


Expertise provided -

  • Digital planning and strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Content strategy
  • Analytics implementation
  • Technical architecture
  • Backend development
  • Front end development
  • AWS architecture & development

Our solution -

We first co-envisioned an IoT marketplace with the TELUS IoT team. Then we mapped out four user journeys the marketplace platform needed to serve.

Employing an agile, thoroughly tested Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to software development, we chose an enterprise class MVC framework to build a responsive web application enabling TELUS sales reps and their IoT partners to sell IoT solutions on any device,anytime.

Post launch performance -

Three months after the TELUS IoT marketplace launched, the platform is exceeding expectations in terms of both forecasted and signed revenue, as well as the rate of securing new member IoT providers. Stakeholders have also noted the speed and accuracy of the marketplace’s innovative design and development process.

Shawn Mandel, TELUS VP – Digital, shared that the IoT Marketplace provides an exceptional integration from a users’ perspective, a point validated by several IoT Partners pleased with its effectiveness in promoting and selling their solutions.

Currently, the platform roadmap has been extended into 2015-2016 to include platform additions and the development of new TELUS solutions that can leverage it.