Forever Canucks Social Timeline

Case study -

The brief

The Vancouver Canucks approached us to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the NHL franchise. We assembled an all-star team of digital experts who were also true blue hockey fanatics. The brief? Stick handle your way to a unique expression of the history of the team that would score big with Canuck Nation.


Our solution

When The Canucks presented our team with the brief, the only thing it said was “It has to be cool, engaging, embody the thought that ‘We are all Canucks…and oh, it can’t be like Montreal’s.” That’s not a lot of detail to build a product around!

Our team jumped at the opportunity to produce an interactive historical timeline that every Canucks fan would want to contribute to. We knew that to capture the spirit of “We are all Canucks” the fans had to be an integral part of the timeline. The trick was to entice them over to a new community that would be less about the game last night, and more about all of the games, players and history. We had to harness the power of conversation and community in social media to have the fans curate the 40 years of Canucks hockey history.

We built a platform that grabbed every gameevery player and every event statistic from the Canucks and NHL databases. We then married all that data to a state-of-the-art custom platform that allowed users to explore, comment, and upload their own story, image or video; essentially making them part of Canucks history and epitomizing the core idea of “We are all Canucks”.


Expertise provided -

  • Digital planning and strategy
  • Product design
  • Technical strategy
  • Social strategy
  • Gamification strategy
  • Project management
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Backend development
  • Front-end development

The Information Architecture and User Experience

Getting a handle on every event, player, and game was no easy task, not to mention all of the user-generated content like “Greatest Hits”, “Highlight Goals” and fourteen other categories added by users. Our Information Architecture team engineered the flow of the data so that it could all be accounted for, easy to find, and managed by the underlying platform built by our development team. Below is the high level and detailed user flow, along with the carefully crafted site architecture diagrams.

Visual design

The Canucks visual brand is one that is tightly managed by its talented creative team. Our design team successfully partnered with The Canucks brand leadership and created a fan experience that captured the essence of the Canucks storied past. The sophisticated user interface embodied the team identity through and through, and it was mentioned repeatedly by the Canucks organization how well we had executed.


We used gamification in 2 ways with the Forever Canucks platform. People were rewarded on their profile with social currency for their media uploads, comments, and contributions.

Then through the site wide voting mechanisms, the most popular contributors were granted a say in which Canuck players were going to be inducted as Canucks Ring of Honour Inductees. This kind of gamification hit these adoring hockey fans right in their competitive hearts.


The digital timeline experience platform not only enabled The Canucks to bring the rich and storied history of the franchise to the fans, it also empowered the fans to add to the story through the 40th season.

The platform’s success extended beyond the digital experience on personal device, with the data engine also powering the arena touch screen timelines for the fans at the games.