Creating a one-stop online shop

Case Study -

The opportunity

Increasing total accessory sales

TELUS wanted to increase total sales of mobile accessories in both its corporate and dealer owned TELUS and Koodo stores through a “one-stop online shop,” where dealers could easily browse accessories and more effectively communicate with TELUS corporate office. Achieving this goal would ultimately enhance the customer in-store experience.

TELUS asked us to create a unified online communications channel for all dealers that would include:

  • A catalog of all the accessory SKU’s available for sale
  • A form management process that effectively addressed dealers’ questions in a timely manner
  • An easy to publish News section promoting awareness of key accessory information, including promotions, new and discontinued products, and discontinued products

Key challenges -

TELUS was missing out on sales unnecessarily by requiring dealers and sales reps to order mobile accessories through a USB stick distributed monthly that contained all available accessories. Store managers found this method cumbersome and frustrating, as it often left them unfamiliar with the latest and most popular accessories and promotions. Making matters worse, non-corporate dealers were not even obligated to purchase inventory from TELUS.

The other key challenge was converting existing spreadsheet SKU lists into a web-based catalogue, containing over 7000 SKU’s, for two distinct brands that could be accessed across multiple devices.

Our solution -

During the discovery phase, we identified several key requirements not initially included in the brief.

For instance, different users needed unique experiences interacting with the proposed e-commerce experience.

Applying an Agile development methodology, we engaged the entire project team (strategists, UX designers and developers) from start to finish, rapidly creating and adjusting working prototypes for various project stakeholders to test before iteratively building required features.

Expertise provided -

  • Digital planning and strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Analytics implementation
  • Technical architecture
  • Backend development
  • Front end development

50% of all Dealers have switched to using the new platform. This is significant given Dealers can purchase their accessories from multiple sources. With the Dealers who are using the platform, we have achieved nearly 100% dealer satisfaction and retention. This is an awesome result.

Dealers and sales reps are even showing interested customers web catalogue products they don’t currently stock on their mobile devices and point-of-sale screens, which in many cases salvages the sale.

The TELUS e-commerce team is incorporating the catalogue filtering and sorting mechanism we created for its consumer-facing site.

Throughout 2015 we will incorporate more features stemming from dealer requests.

Key learnings

We learned that prescriptively applying responsive design workflow can lead to excellent results and insights. Specifically:

  • Ensuring that the entire project team starts on the same day and works in parallel throughout all phases of the project.
  • Gaining insight into each department’s challenges and working collectively to solve them.
  • Accepting that a proof of concept or prototype, while critical, may not be as reusable as both parties desire. Trying to force the prototype to be more reusable might miss the value of rapid development.

Finally, we learned that matching our solution to the client’s business processes is critical, because it can be hugely cost effective for both the customer and ourselves. It also lessons friction in platform adoption, although sometimes the business processes need to change to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.