Yes we know our website sucks!

It wasn’t always that way, and the new one is shown above, but as with many agencies, your own site is quite often the last to get the attention it needs. We built this site just a few months shy of the unveiling of Responsive Web Design (RWD). That’s why we’re chose adaptive and the jQuery Mobile framework to build our website back then. It’s been a bit tough to swallow and defend being true believers in RWD. That’s all about to change with a not only a new design, but a new look and feel to our brand in general. In the next month POWERSHiFTER will reveal a new look and feel, a new fully RWD site, and yes new project case studies. So stick with us, and those that maybe job seeking, rest assure this site does not represent who we are and what we build today!

Seeking a Super Fantastical Frontend and LAMP Developers!

Here’s the deal plain and simple: We are seeking best in breed Frontend and LAMP Stack Developers. It’s tough out there to find qualified candidates, so we’re upping the ante. We will pay a referee $2.5k for a candidate that successfully lands a job at POWERSHiFTER, and we’ll pay the successful candidate $2.5k as a signing bonus. There is only one catch, they must make it through the first three months, that’s it. We know these mythical creatures are out there and need

We are relying on our our network of top digital professionals to reach deep and think about A players that are looking to take control of their career path. We pay well, have great benefits, and a performance driven culture that puts outcomes first and foremost in all the work we do.

Applicants Apply Here>

Referrers Apply Here>

POWERSHiFTER’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

POWERSHiFTER ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Powershifter on Vimeo.

Well, we did it avec sea water to meet our challenge by TELUS Digital! During our prep at the beach a passer bye was watching and said he should do it as well as his father had passed away from ALS. It just so happened that we had more ice, water and buckets than we had people. Gino, this is dedicated to your father, thanks for joining our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Thanks to Tim and his team at TELUS digital for the challenge. Donations made! Make yours to whom ever you choose as a need charity today! ^JP

GE Destination Africa – Responsive Web for Emerging Markets

POWERSHiFTER is delighted to announce the launch of GE Destination Africa in partnership with Scott Turner, Executive Producer of Content and Brand Co. The site’s purpose is to support the many career opportunities at GE Africa and showcase some of the innovative work already taking place on the continent.

GE Destination Africa has been described by the client quite simply as “Beautiful”. Check it out

Hyper focused talk on Happiness and Creativity – Joseph Wu

We were honoured to partner with Creative Mornings Vancouver this month to kick off the new year with the theme of “Happiness”. There are many ways to approach a theme and celebrated origami artist Joseph Wu chose to approach it from a “journey in progress” that has not yet been reached. Joseph was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult after his son was diagnosed with it. He says it was tough to discover this fact and that the it was the catalyst for a two year depression of which he is just emerging. Joseph’s journey is like so many other creative people that I know and his talk shines a bright light on what having ADHD and being creative can be like.

We have included the entire video below for your viewing enjoyment. If you want to know more about the Creative Mornings organization, then make your way over to thier site and see how the other 42 chapters embraced the topic of Happiness.

2013/01 Joseph Wu – ADHD, depression, origami, creativity, and happiness from CreativeMornings/Vancouver on Vimeo.

Creative Mornings Vancouver with Joseph Wu | Photo Credit - Rob Shaer

Eight glasses of water a day with TEDxVancouver.

We spent the day at the Orpheum taking part in TEDxVancouver –  If you didn’t know that TED was in Vancouver this weekend, TEDxVancouver, a non-profit, independently organized talk, brought 2,300 [Worlds largest to date] participants and 11 local speakers to share ideas and spark discussion.

POWERSHiFTER joined the sponsor family for this one day event – it makes sense for us to take part in in a day where people are encouraged to dialogue and think differently.  Today, speakers shared wisdom on everything from justice to travel to the sociology of gossip.

As part of the sponsorship, POWERSHiFTER was invited to provide attendees with “swag that was useful.” We gave these cool refillable, BPA free water bottles to attendees.  Thanks so much to the folks at TEDxVancouver for allowing POWERSHiFTER to sponsor today’s thought leaders and help us quench more than just thirsty ears with our water bottles.

TEDxVancouver did an awesome job, we had a great day and left inspired.  Can’t ask for more than that on a rainy Sunday.   Just wondering when the next one is so we can get tickets.

TELUS launches responsive web design Machine to Machine website

Working again with longstanding client TELUS, POWERSHiFTER is proud to play a role in this week’s launch of the new Machine to Machine (M2M) site with a responsive web design website. TELUS M2M service covers a wide range of applications, including remotely collecting vehicle data, monitoring equipment (such as pipelines and wind turbines), wireless point-of-sale devices and connecting consumer devices (e-book readers, personal navigation devices or cameras).
We give TELUS a big thumbs up on using responsive design for the website launch. A responsive design website is pretty critical when launching a new connectivity offering as potential clients are sure

Lean and Mean POWERSHiFTER plays with big boys, makes BIV list for 1st time

For digital marketing agency POWERSHiFTER, it pays off being lean and mean. For the first time the Vancouver agency was named to the Business in Vancouver‘s Biggest Graphic Design Firms in B.C. list.

POWERSHiFTER is 25th on the list. “They changed the way agencies are measured this year,” said Creative Director and Founder JP Holecka. “Instead of the number of employees, they’ve measured gross billings.” POWERSHiFTER currently has just four full time and 4 part time employees but earnings approaching seven figures. The agency expanded from five employees in 2011. “We are sustaining 50 per cent year over year growth and already on track to pass our targets this year,” said JP Holecka, who founded the agency in 2001. “We are lean and mean but we can still play with the big guys.”


Version 1.0 of our site over stayed it’s welcome longer than I ever thought possible. We have been working on our 2.0 site since late last year. In fact we just celebrated the wireframes 1st birthday. Kidding aside, the reason for the delay is because we have been busy with exciting new client work. Most of our new work never even made the pages of the 1.0 version of the site’s portfolio page because, we thought 2.0 completion was just around the corner.

The directive to our sr. developer was to make it pixel perfect, something he does every time anyway, and make the backend so easy to update that we could task either our parents or an intern to do it. I am happy to announce that he did both. Not only did he nail the visual handed to him by the art director, he also customized the CMS so that 95% of the site could be updated without a single line of code being manually altered. The reason for the direction was two fold, firstly this is what we would deliver to our clients, and secondly so many digital agency sites are poorly cobbled together quickly between client projects and it’s too hard for anyone other than the busy agency developer to update.

We are extremely proud of our new site and know that it better reflects who were are as an agency. Please explore the site and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

New digs, new places to eat

We have physically moved offices to our new building on the edge of Gastown. Some claim it to actually be Gastown but that is not correct, Gastown is further to the north. Our new office is in the historic Dominion Building that was at one time the tallest building in the Commonwealth. I was reluctant to head back over to this side of town after spending many years at other agencies here, but I have to admit it’s finally changing for the better. We have great places to eat and hairy hipsters that serve up coffee just the way I like it, strong and with plenty of attitude. I mentioned that we are physically in our new digs but not fully moved in yet as our order of furniture is not arriving until April 20th. So it’s cardboard boxes and milk crates for a little while longer I am afraid. We should be fully moved in by the end of the month and may even have a little open house to celebrate the expansion.

Please take note of our new address: 310-207 West Hastings Street Vancouver.

Photo:  rommy ghaly