Hyper focused talk on Happiness and Creativity – Joseph Wu

We were honoured to partner with Creative Mornings Vancouver this month to kick off the new year with the theme of “Happiness”. There are many ways to approach a theme and celebrated origami artist Joseph Wu chose to approach it from a “journey in progress” that has not yet been reached. Joseph was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult after his son was diagnosed with it. He says it was tough to discover this fact and that the it was the catalyst for a two year depression of which he is just emerging. Joseph’s journey is like so many other creative people that I know and his talk shines a bright light on what having ADHD and being creative can be like.

We have included the entire video below for your viewing enjoyment. If you want to know more about the Creative Mornings organization, then make your way over to thier site and see how the other 42 chapters embraced the topic of Happiness.

2013/01 Joseph Wu – ADHD, depression, origami, creativity, and happiness from CreativeMornings/Vancouver on Vimeo.

Creative Mornings Vancouver with Joseph Wu | Photo Credit - Rob Shaer