New digs, new places to eat

We have physically moved offices to our new building on the edge of Gastown. Some claim it to actually be Gastown but that is not correct, Gastown is further to the north. Our new office is in the historic Dominion Building that was at one time the tallest building in the Commonwealth. I was reluctant to head back over to this side of town after spending many years at other agencies here, but I have to admit it’s finally changing for the better. We have great places to eat and hairy hipsters that serve up coffee just the way I like it, strong and with plenty of attitude. I mentioned that we are physically in our new digs but not fully moved in yet as our order of furniture is not arriving until April 20th. So it’s cardboard boxes and milk crates for a little while longer I am afraid. We should be fully moved in by the end of the month and may even have a little open house to celebrate the expansion.

Please take note of our new address: 310-207 West Hastings Street Vancouver.

Photo:  rommy ghaly