Seeking a Super Fantastical Frontend and LAMP Developers!

Here's the deal plain and simple: We are seeking best in breed Frontend and LAMP Stack Developers. It's tough out there to find qualified candidates, so we're upping the ante. We will pay a referee $2.5k for a candidate that successfully lands a job at POWERSHiFTER, and we'll pay the successful candidate $2.5k as a signing bonus. There is only one catch, they must make it through the first three months, that's it. We know these mythical creatures are out... Read more »

POWERSHiFTER’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

POWERSHiFTER ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Powershifter on Vimeo. Well, we did it avec sea water to meet our challenge by TELUS Digital! During our prep at the beach a passer bye was watching and said he should do it as well as his father had passed away from ALS. It just so happened that we had more ice, water and buckets than we had people. Gino, this is dedicated to your father, thanks for joining our... Read more »

Responsive Web Design isn’t the Silver Bullet

Responsive web design isn’t the silver bullet that will magically make your site faster, increase conversions or manage your content. But responsive design can provide a best in class experience for marketers and consumers interacting with content on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Technology advances are disrupting ‘business as usual,’ but too many organizations are looking for a solution that wraps everything up in a tidy bow. What modern marketers need to remember is technology can’t displace strategy. Organizations need to... Read more »