Responsive Web Design isn’t the Silver Bullet

Responsive web design isn’t the silver bullet that will magically make your site faster, increase conversions or manage your content. But responsive design can provide a best in class experience for marketers and consumers interacting with content on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Technology advances are disrupting ‘business as usual,’ but too many organizations are looking for a solution that wraps everything up in a tidy bow. What modern marketers need to remember is technology can’t displace strategy. Organizations need to... Read more »

Why does Website Speed Matter?

When considering the performance of your website, speed absolutely matters. A recent post, and great read, from Josh Bledsoe on ClickZ about Why Fast-Loading Websites Matter hit the nail on the head when he stated “performance digital marketing starts with a website that performs,” and the “most critical problem is that your website takes too long to load and it’s hurting your brand.” Intuitively this makes sense and empirically the consequences are dire, “during the first second of delay your... Read more »

Great Design + Measurement = Better Business

Last week Fast Company Co.Design published Good Design is Good for Business, an overview of a study by the Boston-based Design Management Institute (DMI). The naming of the article brought a smile to designers near and far, lauding the value of design, and using quantitative data to encourage design investment. A closer look at the study reveals something extra – a clear link between design and measurable performance. The notion that one may inform the other strikes a chord here... Read more »